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6th November 2018

The latest U3A Head Office email newsletter was distributed on 19th October. On-line version may be read here.

The Garden Visits Group now have a full programme of events for 2019. Details here.

Other recent updates have been made to the following group pages. - Art Appreciation, Bird Watching, Computing, Cycling, French, iPadders, Photography, Poetry, Science, Strollers, Theatre, Walking and Wine Appreciation.

28th August 2018

Our latest email newsletter was distributed on 26th August. On-line version may be read here. The newsletter includes details of our next Open Meeting on 3rd September.

Recent updates to the following groups - French, Garden Visits, Lunch Group, Photography, Science, Strollers, Theatre, Ukulele Workshop, Walking, and Wine Appreciation.

22nd July 2018

Jasmina Goodair and Marion May have taken over as leaders for the Birdwatching group. They have planned outings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting from September 2018, More details HERE.

11th June 2018

Following our recent AGM we now have a new committee in place, including a new Chairman, Chris Dimond. You can find contact details and updated roles via THIS LINK.

10th May 2018

Our Latest Newsletter, containing information about our AGM and Open Meeting which includes a talk about BBC Radio, was emailed to members on 16th April. It may be read on-line via THIS LINK

10th April 2018

Proposals for a new Tapestry Weaving Group have been added to front page of website.

Following the results of our Questionnaire in February, some members indicated that they would like to have a social event in the month when we do not hold our General Meeting.

We are holding a coffee morning on Monday, 11th June 2018 at 10.30 a.m. in the Community Cafe to discuss ideas for such events. Kernow forno, who run the cafe, are happy for us to use the cafe on this occasion, free of charge and would hope that members will buy coffee etc. Plese bring along ideas and indicate if you are interested in joining us on 11th June.

Do not forget our AGM on Monday 21st May. 2pm in Church Rooms.

20th March 2018

News from around the country available in the March Head Office Newsletter available via this link

6th March 2018

Resulting from the satisfaction survey conducted at the start of the year, various members have suggested there may be interest in forming the following new groups:-

Archaeology, Architecture, Art/ Drawing, Astronomy, Badminton, Boating (kayaks, small inflatables), Book Group/ Literature, Crafts, Lace Making, Musical Appreciation, Knitting Group, Philosophy, Spanish

If you are interested in setting up any of these groups then, in the first instance, please phone our Groups Co-ordinator Brenda Mead on 01503 220647. When prompted please say "U3A Inquiry."

13th February 2018

Our Privacy Policy has been updated and a new Data Protection Policy added to website.

26th January 2018

U3A Head Office have recently launched a new website known as U3APlus which aims to help, support and advise U3As to ensure that all their members can access the informal learning and activities in their U3As, regardless of impairment or disability.

More infomation about U3APlus, events being held in London, regional schools and news from around the country are included in the latest Head Office Newsletter available via this link

11th December 2017

This month's "Perseverance Award" goes to members of our Non-Fiction Reading Group who have just completed reading a 700 page book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty" Apparently vast amounts of cake were consumed to celebrate! Find out more about the book.

Updates recently made to the following groups:- Computing, Cycling, Family History, French, Non-Fiction Reading Group, Photography, Science, Strollers, Ukulele Fun, Wine Appreciation and Walking.

The December 2017 printed version of the Lostwithiel U3A Newsletter has been sent to all members without email. The newsletter can be accessed via this link.

Don't forget our Photography Exhibition opens on 18th December. See front page of website for more details.

The December newsletter from U3A HQ is now avaialble. CLICK HERE

26th November 2017

Advance information about our Photography Exhibition added to front page of website.

The latest newsletter from U3A HQ is now avaialble. CLICK HERE

10th October 2017

U3A Head Office has recently moved from Bromley to central London. The new address is U3A National Office, The Third Age Trust, 52 Lant Street, London SE1 1RB. The phone number remains unchanged (020 8466 6139 Mon to Fri 09.30 to 16.30)


18th September 2017

The National U3A Website has recently been redesigned and now includes a regular Newsletter. As well as an email edition, an online version mey be viewed via this link


23rd August 2017

The August Newsletter was emailed to members on 22nd August. An online version mey be viewed via this link


8th May 2017

Email with more information about forthcoming AGM distributed to all members on May 8th. The email can be read on-line via this link.

Third Age Trust have circulated results from a Governance Consultation Survey. Read on-line via this link.

A Copy of the new Interest Group Events Sheet has been added to the Group Contacts Page


18th April 2017

Email about committee roles distributed to all members on March 30th. The email can be read on-line via this link.

Calling Notice for 2017 AGM was circulated to all members on 16th April. Read on-line at this link.

Significant news items from 2016

Information about Public and Products Liability Insurance FAQs added to website.

Info for Group Contacts page updated to include Insurance Cover Note for 2016. Also the link the Expenses Claim Form had been displayed more prominently,

If you are considering a free on-line course there are a vast number available via the Future Learn website. There ie even a course about Getting Started with Online Learning .

U3A Head Office have updated advice about use of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). There are a vast number of high quality on-line courses available for free. Check out this website for more information.

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